NASA Student Launch 2016 Update

Test Launch Failure

Nimble Navigator Camera Project

We will be using this new camera for our rocket to understand our designs better. Our latest project integrates a clear polycarbonate ring into the airframe of the rocket. The camera will be mounted to a collar that will allow it to rotate freely, and the clear window ensures that the camera can see in every direction.

When the rocket lands, a weight will let the camera rotate so that the sky is toward the top of the image and the ground is toward the bottom.

Also, if you are new to rocketry, check out this Introduction to Rocketry article that discusses the basics. For students interested in robotics, this page has some good resources to explore.

NASA Student Launch 2016

Construction has begun on the full scale rocket!

Our subscale launch was a success!

"Green Goblin" Update

Our largest rocket is almost finished!

Shane Brian Joe
Charlie John David